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Městská knihovna v Českém Krumlově
Horní 155
381 01 Č. Krumlov


1879 - the Czech table society named „Křen" was founded

1881 - the Reader's Discussion Club was founded

1911 - the first reading room was opened (87 magazines)

1921 - it was declared a „Local Public Library" wth 352 volumes

1939 - 1945 - the whole Czech public library remained in Český Krumlov (just about 5000 volumes) was removed to České Budějovice. The most valuable books were included into the collection of the České Budějovice library and lent to the readers during the whole of wartime. After the war the remains of the collection came back to Český Krumlov.

1952 - the district library moved to a reconstructed place in old Nosberg's house in Panská street no. 19.

1959 - since this year the district library in Český Krumlov has legally provided all the district libraries with methodical help. Besides its district library function it works as a methodical, bibliographical, informational and inter-librarian service center for all the libraries involved in the system

1991 - the library moved to Horní street (the former prelate's residence)

1992 - the library started to use the PC-System LANius

1998 - the Town Library in Český Krumlov has been authorized to provide all the district libraries with regionally-based services and care. The Czech Ministry of Culture granted the library with an Internet connection this year.

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